Monday, May 9, 2016

Global Warming and Fire Hazard

Global Warming and Fire Hazard

In this country, if a forest fire starts, it is always arson, to hide tracks.
I am of the belief that our Buddhist monks were the exponents of it, in the early history of this country.
Most of our prehistoric caves are named after ash (Alu Lenas) and they decimated our prehistoric remnants.
This is true for India too, that is why there is hardly any trace of prehistoric man/woman.
The next reason is to catch animal prey.
These guys beginning of this year, set fire to part of Hantana Range behind the university to catch rabbits.
The third reason is the natural forest fire which is very rare in the wet zone.
Fourth is the electric installations that catch fire after lightening.
The fifth is the kitchen gas cylinders, left carelessly opened.
I was inhaling this gas for few weeks in the night without knowing, sometime back due to faulty cylinder.
Luckily interruption of my sleep and bizarre (I do not dream and sleep lightly) dreams alerted me to investigate.
One of my friends house in UK was down to ash (I do not know the reason).
I have had catastrophic incident in New Zealand where I had left the deep fat fryer running all day and night while I was doing night duty (I was without the family) in the hospital.
Then I can remember entire Bangladeshi family dying due to leaking gas in UK.
This list can go on and have no end note.
But the final note here is indoor gadgets.
Just recently, entire family lost its members to toxic fumes in this country.
These incidents will peak with automatic and remote control gadgets use, instead of commonsense.
I am using an expensive surge protector (I was looking for a replacement and it is not available) for my computers and it is coming to end of its life.
I forget to switch the walls witch often.

Let me brief you some of the things I did.

1. Multi-plug Surge Protector (old)

2. My main computer is like a Weask Lantern, with lot of diode lights in front and back.
Those bright lights alert me if I drop to sleep inadvertently (rarely though).

3. Mosquitoes are my third line of defense.
They keep me up at night.

4. I keep several indoor thermometers and check the temperature randomly.
If it is above 30 Centigrade I do not switch on the computer.
Just to save electricity bill.
I have many cooling fans installed in my main computer.
They consume as much electricity as an electric kettle.
Briefly on the electric kettle. It is always half full.
Every time a water is boiled for making tea, the remaining water goes to a glass bottle.
This saves a lot on electricity and there is always boiled cool water available for drinking or douching a fire.

6. Plenty of water in buckets.
They are for an emergency if any one of my fish tanks breaks.

7. I am dismantling all the expensive gadgets (it started with 9 computers) and use tiny (taking a cue from cellphone, which is a minicomputer) gadgets for storing data,photos,music,videos and listening to music and radio.
Currently, storing all music titles, I love in a Flash Media Player which takes in a MicroSD Card up to 32 Giga Bytes.
Almost my life collection.

8. I am using the principle Small is Beautiful” all my life.
It comes handy with age catching up with my memory.

9. All the gadgets are digital with a backup battery, if the electricity fails,which is common with frequent lightening.
Our Electricity Switch caught fire three or four times, sometime back and broke the system into small units and breakers.
The geezer is the biggest culprit for fire and your bill.

10. I do not watch TV (habit I cultured during Ma Ra regime) not even cricket, and have small Flash TV stick which I stick to the computer occasionally.
It consumes very little electricity.
This is the only time I switch on the Windows 8.
I have not used it for sometime and I have forgotten the administrator password.
Sooner or later I am going to erase (Windows 8) it.
Windows does not have an energy saving mode by default.

So windows (BOX) computer catching fire is very high in my estimate.

All these things won't help you if you have a BAD Memory.

I am affected by this malady and it is time for me to kick the bucket. 

Remember meditation does not help your memory.
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