Thursday, May 5, 2016

Comrade Bala Tampoe from Heaven

Comrade Bala Tampoe from Heaven

In Sri Lanka the United National Party is not United. People’s Liberation Party (JVP) is not liberated. 
Old LSSP and CP are lost. 
Plantation workers are suffering and the leaders of Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) are having a jolly good time. 
Vasu and Bahu have become old street fighters. There is no Freedom in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. One day they all will go to hell. 
But, it will be too late for our workers. If only they spent the money to improve the lives of our workers, Sri Lanka today will be a better place. 
Have I fought in vain in the years I spent in Sri Lanka?
 Have I, Jinadasa? 
Have I? 
Tell me, asked Comrade Bala Tampoe?

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