Sunday, May 8, 2016

American Politics, Is it a reality SHOW?

American Politics, Is it a reality SHOW?
I say yes.

It does not matter who wins, there is nothing either for the American Citizen or the Global Citizen.

It is like looking at a Soap Opera.

I must say Sri-Lankan average (not the Bodu Bala Sena convicts) citizen is smart and streetwise and got rid of a dictator by a simple vote.

Our voter commonsense and turnout is much more and better than an average American  response.

Let me finish with Obama, he is playing into the racist issue to blacks, as much as Donald Trump to whites.

If politics is decided on skin colour we are still in the primitive age much worse than our prehistoric man.

America is still primitive with Ted Cruz expecting divine intervention.

There is no GOD who created this planet or the Solar system.

The Bible neither talks about the universe nor black holes but only a Big Bang (Athe Pathu Wena Hena Boruwa).

Coming to United Kingdom and London Mayor coming from a simple family from Pakistan is unbelievable.

Late Dame Margret Thatcher must be turning in her grave with antipathy.

Having said that, I liked Margret Thatcher much more than Hillary Clinton.

She was hard working hard hitting man of a women whereas Hillary is slimy and shoddy in her outlook including monitory deals, just like our previous president and his family.

Unlike in United Kingdom, where every vote counts, in America the two dominant parties dominating the electoral colleagues and there is no room for independent voice or vote.

Unless they change this system American politics will remain a Soap Opera for centuries.

But my gut feeling is that Stupid Americans will elect Trump since three terms in office (unless there is a gap in between) for one party is almost never heard in the last current century.

Coming to Berny Sanders, his effort was marginal but without money or wheeler dealing, no American can think of becoming a President.

That is why I never thought of becoming an American Citizen in my soul.

No matter who wins poor will be poorer and the rich will be richer, no matter which part (China, Russia included) globe the elections are held.

What works in democracy (opposed to Autocracy of Kings) is the restriction of two terms of office.

Can one think of Obama in office for three terms?

We will die of boredom listening to his orations or rants.

It gives (restriction in office) a false sense of change (which we experienced in this country) but these jokers (Ranil, Karunanayake on one side and Sirisena and Duminda on the other side) who are elected do not know what is meant by “Change”.

They keep on doing the same rotten and corrupt stuff.

Do the Enlightened Citizen deserve it?


That is why we should keep the Mid Night Oil burning as far as the Citizen Action Groups are concerned.

If we relax and let them loose mayhem will set in again in two years.

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