Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What if you could live forever as a digital avatar?

What happens to my email after my demise is a problem I have raised few years ago?

For me every bit of my digital stamps should be erased, for the simple reason, after my demise no living soul should be hurt (not that I do it deliberately except subtle political satire) by reading any of my opinions.
But I do not mind few of my writings remain, like questioning the existence of  a Living GOD or validity of a religion in question.
Only because people in another 100 years might think, I did not have a brain to think.
So in future, I would be writing events with scientific interest, mass extinction, global warming and the likes. Below is some other trends emerging!
What if you could live forever as a digital avatar?
In the past few years, several tech companies have extended the idea of a digital soul. 

Eterni.me, launched in 2014, promises to create a digital version of “you” that will live on after your death. 
Death is certain, admits the website — but what if you could live forever as a digital avatar, “and people in the future could actually interact with your memories, stories and ideas, almost as if they were talking to you?”

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