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Victor Ivan's Agricultural Concepts

Victor Ivan's Agricultural Concepts

Victor Ivan writes good stuff, especially politically but his scientific notions are bizarre by itself.
Just read this week's article by him.
Since he is not a biological scientist, I totally vindicate him on gross scientific errors, including, kidney diseases.

Way back in 1970s we had kidney problems including in children.
90% of children died within 2 years.

One incident I will recount here.
We had a woman with kidney problem.
Probably tuberculosis related.
Surgeon took the relatively normal kidney out at surgery.
I suppose he was drunk.
She went into total renal failure.
I had to managed the case until her death.
I was only an intern and could not report or take action.
Point here is that there was no renal unit even in Colombo hospital at that time (I worked in Colombo General, too) or intensive care units.
We as young doctors were open about the primitive conditions and slowly the system improved but nowhere comparable to western countries, even now.
I of course left and worked abroad and never wanted to join the public system.

Private sector, I worked was even worse.

I used to send blood specimens to Singapore, since I could not believe the reports of all the private (public too) hospitals in Colombo, when I was working there few moons ago.

There is something called accreditation of laboratories and hospitals in the West.

One cannot just open a clinic or a putative hospital like a corner shop.
When General Medical Council of UK visited in 1970s they provided a report and the government then probably put that into dustbin, I believe.
So by default I had to give up clinical medicine in this country.

I did not want to cheat my patients and myself.
The last thing I do when I leave a country abroad is to get a full check up of my family.

Coming back to Victor Ivan's interpretation of agriculture and biosphere, his interpretation are totally lopsided.
If you visit this (my) web site and read my books at Amazon you would get a better picture of ecological disaster we are heading.
The global warming is peaking and we would lose most of our biodiversity.
There is no program to counteract the eco-devastation.

I suppose Victor reads my blog post below, reproduced.
I have only mentioned ladybirds but we have lost most of our butterflies and dragon flies.

My Roof Top garden is a heaven for a few of the species including dragon flies and butterflies.

Mini Garden Concept
Mini Garden Concept was something built into my sphere of activity but failed to materialize due to constant movement related to my work assignments.

It actually dawned on me that living in the topic is a luxury.

My family hated skyscrapers and confined living quarters.
I always bargained for a good house / garden even if the job was in a far remote corner of this planet.
Once, I had few exotic plants on the windowsill and had to come home for my father's funeral, for 10 days in winter.
None of the plants survived.
I gave up any miniature adventure with plants until I landed in the West Coast of New Zealand south island.

Even there I never saw any ladybirds in the garden.

They use lot of insecticides in agriculture and one day drove with the family past Reefton to collect few specimens but they never survived in the semi-urban garden.
Even here in Kandy we used to have many different ladybirds but not anymore due to liberal and unscientific use of insecticides and poisonous imported fertilizes.

But our children were enthusiastic and we always had mini garden and collecting specimens were their task.
Tray used for collecting rubber latex was the base.
On top of the soil mount in a corner was a plastic water tank.
The water was supplied with a plastic saline bottle hung on a tree branch.
All the tubes (saline tubes perforated with safety pins) were hidden under the soil.
The design was left for them to manicure.
It was total success but a mini garden in a bottle was bit of a miss.
Rock garden was another concept.

We even had a big jute plant but it is no more.

I got busy, they grew up and the concept went into hibernation till lately.

The strangest thing I noticed recently was that all those tiny specimens we collected are still in our tiny garden after 30 years.
How they survived without any attention, I cannot figure out.
I know my friends from Colombo when they visit us take few specimens of ferns for indoor decorations but they die a natural death.
I counted at least 7 types scattered all over.
When the domestic aid and the cleaning man comes (he is not a gardener but weeder) I have to give special instructions not to uproot and upset the tiny tots (ferns) in the ecosystem.
Strangely my rooftop water garden also have few specimens taking root.
Mini garden is a workable concept but need constant attention.

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