Monday, April 25, 2016

Good Advice for JVP

This was a very good comment for my piece on JVP. 

Good Advice for JVP

Yes, If JVP really wants to win hearts and minds of people it should;

1.Apologies for it's past sins

2. Cast away the past traces of disguised racism.

3. Respect the justifiable political aspirations of Tamils and Muslims.

4. Understand that the proletariat dictatorship type centrali ed regimes are out of date and regional autonomy for regionally concentrated ethnic groups is more conducive for social justice.

5.Remove the foolish and defensive anti-Indian mind set of old " Indian Expansionism.

6. Not be fear of learned people and resort for dialogue with them.

7.Be able to take correct and timely political decisions and enter in to strategic political alliances.

Be pragmatic and don't be too much obsessive about so-cold political purity.

8.Be receptive and understand the futility of empty theoretical arrogance.

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