Sunday, April 24, 2016

Future of JVP

Future of JVP

Future of JVP is bright.

That is if they take meaningful steps to fill the void left by the demise of Reverend Sobitha Thera.

First they must get rid of the draconian laws within the party and having only “Yes Men” like Ma Ra retinue.

If they remain rigid, they will remain a spent force.

Their anti-corruption stand of all regimes specially of the Ma Ra Regime is a solid foundation to work with and build on.

I feel Prime Minister is mortally fearful to stand against the Ma Ra, either due to deals behind the back or impotence.

Either way, slow progress to act on stashing money ill gotten (mafiosi activity) will reduce the popularity of UNP very soon.

If we have a general election now UNP will lose minimum of 10 seats.

Equally, SLFP will lose 15 to 25 seats.

JVP should identify these seats (easy, just pick up the corrupt guys presently in parliament either as a list MP or elected by a thin margin) and cash in Now.

That means there are 30 to 45 seats left for grab.

They should drop the racist propaganda and should work with the Tamils in the entire country (mind you 50% are in the Sinhala dominant South) and especially the anti-LTTE groups.

With this scenario Prime Minister is the first to come asking for help.

Then twist his arm and get worthwhile reforms.

Otherwise currently simmering internal squabbles in the UNP ranks and file will intensify.

Ma Ra and corrupt monks he associates with will ruin the SLFP and they cannot think of coming to power for (Do not believe P. Vasu conspiracies) a decade.

I think we must send Vasu to permanent retirement, since like Philip he might end up even in the UNP.

Nothing I have said above would not come to fruition, unless JVP is flexible to have alliance with even UNP (JVP did it with SLFP and why not) when the time is right and have a long term strategy.

Never ever think of coming to power alone or try to steal MPs from UNP or SLFP.

That is a conspiracy in my opinion.

I am not a politician and do not curry favor any political party.

As a citizen I wish to fall in line with Mayadunne and Mahinda Deshapriya.

The reason for my writing this is that, I believe JVP has few able and talented guys and gals in their cadre.

If they remain out of power we are going to lose them or send them to oblivion.

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