Monday, April 25, 2016

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon
Lately, I have been inundated with dreams and wake up in sweat (not due to fear but probably due to the warm weather).

1.I get a free ticket to visit moon by a Sri-Lankan Moonite.

2. America has a colony built there for scientific investigation.

2. They have run short of money and auctioned a portion for earthlings for investment.

3. They needed gold for structural stability of installations.

Since moon’s gravity is one eighth of the earth, heavy metals were necessary for construction.

4. SriLankan family  with offshore investment volunteered.

5. I was called in since they needed a cheap space scientist.

6. I wanted to avoid this deal and was formulating ten (10) or more excuses.

Thankfully I was refused entry.

My conditions of contract were;

1. No religion to be established or monks to be taken there.

2. English to be the mode of communication.

3. The gold has to be fully accounted for.

4. No stock market in the moon.

5. Currency to be pounds and not dollars.

6. Clear everybody from mafiosi connections.

7. Clear everybody from political associations.

8. No media representatives.

9. Approval from the Constitutional Council.

10. No rice as food.

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