Saturday, April 16, 2016

Collective Consciousness

Dear Friends,

Near and Far;

Collective Consciousness

It looks like Community Spirit or Collective Consciousness has a taken a back seat with Worldwide Web has hijacked our inners spirit and entered into an exclusive clientèle.

A recent incident made me to write this piece.

I try to be brief. 

I met a (known) young guy with a laptop and a mobile in his possession.

He was so engrossed (I do not know what) in some Internet activity, he did not notice or perceive my presence within his sphere of activity.

I watched him for a few minutes as it were to attract his attention.

There was never any eye contact and I moved away without disturbing him.

It was as if he was in his exclusive private world and in the back of my mind, I felt he knew my presence, at the periphery of his vision but deliberately shunned himself from eye contact.

If my perception is right, he has been taken over by the machine or the IT.

These are the very people (both young and old) who would break down when a crisis hit them.

As at present we do not have the virtual reality to notice his present moment of activity and make creative interposition for his inner being.

I think psychologists should start thinking of this scenario and develop appropriate tools to help them and their IT Clients (I predicted this few years ago) so that it would be possible to bring them back to reality of the working world.

In actual fact, I am proposing a new kind of psychological addiction.

The cellphone and laptop in my opinion deplete creativity and work output.

The reason for inclusion of the above note is for the receiver of this email, the chance of deleting the email without going any further and proceed with his/her activity like the above young man.

If you are reading beyond this point, I want to request some help.

1. I am going to write a book titled “The Conspiracies in Philosophy, Religion, Democracy, Power, Science and Freedom of Inquiry”.

2. I put Conspiracies not Origin in the title since our collective consciousness tells us we have been taken in the wrong garden path from our early childhood.

3. Ignorance and prejudice were the ingredients.

4. Freedom without bondage is the desired objective.

5. One man cannot do it (prejudice sets in).

6.This is my last book and no more (readers are spared of no more indulgence) after this.

7. I believe that Collective Consciousness, is the key and none of my ideas were original or belonged to me. 
Most borrowed from others from Plato, Socrates to Buddha to Jesus Christ.

They originated simply since there were lot of others existed in my life (friends, relatives, enemies and indifferent guys and gals).

8. Please contribute your own ideas, opinions and literature (Articles) you read and admired as well as you hated in some way or other (say politics).

9. For example, The dogma of Mahinda Chinthanaya (One Race, One country, One religion, One language- Exclusive instead of Inclusive thinking) was an eye opener for me and made me proactive intellectually.

Alternative ideas were the need then but there was paucity and suppression.

We have got a window of opportunity to be creative and that might not last long.

10. I have decided not to acknowledge the authorship of a particular point of view, since in my writing, I might misinterpret or misrepresent others in my life.

All the errors of omission or commission are all my own.

Please Note Cholesterol Story (misinformation) was the starting point for this book.

All my life (I was not caught in this misinformation campaign) I felt I have failed in my capacity to protect others in my life of misinformation.

If we get together we can protect all.

Please contribute even a little bit.

Few key words to expand on.









My Mind and Your Mind

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