Monday, April 25, 2016

Buddha and his Teaching

There is a bit of quibbling going on
Local papers.
Below is a succinct or simple account of Buddha.
Buddha and his Teaching
Buddha refuses to be dragged into theology (existence of god) and metaphysics (existence of eternal soul or extent of the universe, whether the universe is finite or infinite).
He also refuses to be engaged into rational or scientific inquiry of matter.
He was a teacher who introduced a simple and pragmatic way of life.
He lived that life himself.
He was an expert on simile to explain a practical problem of this life not eternal life.
Equally he was not a scholar of a philosopher in a technical sense.
He was in a way a sage but down to earth human.
He was an insightful teacher (cause of all human suffering) who believed that question of theology and complex philosophy confuse and distract from our search for human wisdom (whatever its meaning may be in Dhamma).
The approach to that wisdom is through meditation to remove the inbuilt defilements or wrong way of thinking.
It has to be practiced here and now without any delay and quibbling over unanswerable metaphysical claims or theological doctrines is redundant.

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