Thursday, March 17, 2016

T20 or the Bollywood Cricket

T20 or the Bollywood Cricket

I do not watch cricket at all now.

Two reasons.
1. Nobody plays cricket now for the fun of it.
It is played for money and that is the bottom line.
I do not mind players like Christ Gayle getting money.
He is an entertainer.

2. The second reason is the Bollywood Betting Style of cricket.
Contract cricket of Bollywood Style buy cricketers for money.

In fact, IPL killed the game.

We do not see players like Garfield Sobers, Clive Lloyd, Rohan Kanhai, Vivian Richards, Charlie Griffith, Gordon Greenidge,Brian Lara, Jeff Boycott, Ian Botham and Graham Gooch and many more.

Most of the cricketers do not justify the money paid for them if one is to assess them by the Style and Entertainment.

The third point is slanted to our Dilshan.

He was promoted to (he can play in any place from 1 to 6) number one to destroy his career but he proved his selectors (they had to eat the humble pie) wrong.

I have some advise for him.

He carries a bat which is too heavy for him in his age of late thirties.

With age one slows down and a heavy bat adds a fraction of second of delayed response.

That is why he gets out LBW (the ball beats the bat).

One does not lose the skill (class is permanent) with age but the quick response lags (in a fraction of a second).

A lighter bat will help to match Chris Gayle.
 He should discard the old bat and try several in PRACTICE.
This advice does not suit Christ Gayle and Indian captain Dhoni.
They need big blades.

Even though, I do not watch cricket, I want these players to be entertainers.

Do not worry about the place in the team or money one gets.

Do not try to undercut the present captain (Angelo) and become the next captain.

With bookies as chairmen, Sri-Lankan cricket is looking downhill and any recovery is slow and painful.

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