Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recent Sighting of 3 UFOs in Ceylon

Recent Sighting of 3 UFOs in Ceylon

1. First Sighting
First of its kind was in the central city in the hill country.
It is believed that this happened when President was holidaying in his city Residence.
He was believed to be taken in by a reconnaissance craft to the mother ship stationed in air and had an audience with the contact (ranked as a prince of the alien planet).
The matter discussed supposed to be a top secret but had something to do with the constitution making.
The belief is that he should delay it as much as possible to coincide with the next election, so that the opposition won’t have a b clue what to do.

2. Second Sighting
The second sighting was of similar arrangement but Prime Minister was taken in as a messenger.
It happened somewhere near Piti Kotte.
The matter discussed was that whether we should go back to Ceylon instead of Sri-Lanka.
The alien had in their register named it as Ceylon and they were wondering that Sri-Lanka was another island that formed by freak accident in nature.

3. Third Sighting
Third sighting was bizarre and it ended up in tragic manner.
Former president was one who was invited for an encounter of the third type.
The matter discussed was also of a Third Term in Office.
It went like this.
His advisor, the astrologer has warned that he might get infected by an alien virus with their contact.
He was to be taken in a Bubble Made of thin glass and there should not be any overlap of alien atmosphere with earthly atmosphere of his.
The contact had to be by wireless communication.
The alien tried to airlift it but had a problem of positioning the president erect once taken into the mother ship.
Once inside mother ship he was spinning like a motor until he became vertiginous.
They decided to have the rendezvous on the sea surface.
Unfortunately reconnaissance craft crashed.
There are many stories around the crash but all the aliens escaped unhurt (they ejected themselves and were safely taken back to the mother ship by alien ambulances).
Strangely the Bubble where the ex-president was housed did not burst but it became a bit wobbly.

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