Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mongol Media, Jumbo Trade, Peanut Brains and Ass (Arsxx - Hole) Legal Fraternity

Mongol Media, Jumbo Trade, Peanut Brains and Ass (Arsxx - Hole) Legal Fraternity

This is about Jumbo Trade which our Media Moguls with Mongol Brains failed to reveal to the public over 10 years.

I used to say a baby elephant cannot be accommodated in a front shirt pocket.

They were transported in broad day light.

When reported police were too lazy to act.

People in Monaragla (until the last of the Saddhantaya was killed for ivory), Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura (Wilpattu Included) should bear the Universal Curse for not taking timely action to preserve our wild life (Citizen Action-Late Sobitha Thera Prerogative).

I must say UNPers still have peanut brains to understand, they would not have come to power, if not for the Citizen Actions spearheaded by Late Soboitha Thero.

They only jumped the band wagon at the last moment.

Point here is the legal fraternity has still not taken action against the Jumbo Judges who traded baby elephant using front end as guys wearing Saffron cloth representing the underworld.

The Media moguls are at fault for giving paper advertisement to these rouges in saffron cloth.

My point here is the deterrents for elephant offenses are hopelessly inadequate.

They should be sent to jail for minimum of 10 years.

The fine should be three times the current value of an elephant (Baby or an Adult is immaterial).

They should confiscate the Aramaya or Palaces and convert them to places like transit homes for our wild animals (wild boars included).

Come to think about it, we have too many religious or places of worship that can be converted to Sanctuaries for animal species.

After all, we had kings who treated animals and converting Aramaya is welcome, as places of safety for animals.

My point is we must take to task even media that places advertisement to protect the underworld.

That is why I say media are now run by the underworld.

If peanut brained UNPers do not understand, if they remain complacent Ma Ra (waiting in the wing) will come back with vengeance and start the illegal elephant trade from where he stopped.

The third term of Ma Ra will be the worst of all for this country with Ahuru Kukkas like WiraSingha and Holman Pillas riding HIGH.

It is high time we introduce new legislature to cover all offenses including Monks (That Kathawatha of some sort is useless) and Media (aiding and abetting in terms of Law).
Monks should decide to de-robe them if they violated the Kathawatha of some sort.
What I would if they are NOT de-robed is a moot point.

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