Monday, March 14, 2016

Kandy Traffic Jams and One Way Traffic

Kandy Traffic Jams and One Way Traffic

I have to dispense this before a life is lost in Kandy due to One Way System.

In the beginning of this year mother and two children were run over by the train, and lost their life even without the ONE WAY SYSTEM.

When we had One Way (which I strongly opposed then) some time back they reverted to the old system after loss of over 8 lives, all run over by the train.

The 5 kilometer railway track from Kandy to Panideniya is not protected by proper level crossings.

I give thanks to the Kandy Police on the Beat (not the higher officers - I have never seen a higher officer on the road any way), if not for them we would have lost a student or teacher by now by accident.
They are doing a yeoman service!
Mind you this change is after 3 P.M. and most students have left the city but still a large number of students are in the city attending various academies.

This decision is unscientific.

When One Way a vehicle takes 15 minutes to cover the 5 kilometers stretch and there after, it is snail space due to “Bottle Neck” at Peradeniya and Gannoruwa (by the way, Gannoruwa by pass is not used for diversion).

There is no saving of time BUT add to congestion near Galaha Junction and Peradeniya.

I can go on but my reason for writing this is to SAVE LIFE.

When one way is on, crossing the road is a death trap for people living on both sides of the road.

The only valuable public place is the Court Complex.
It does not serve people who come to court in the morning from Kandy.

It does serve 50% of the workers after work who proceed towards Peradeniya.

The other 50% who move towards Kandy have to risk their life crossing the road to reach the old road.

There any many more reasons including economic loss to some traders, including three wheeler drivers.

It not scientific but a RANK STUPID IDEA.

Hope before few lives are lost we go back to the old ways and do a proper survey to prevent bottle necks and congestion.

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