Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Provincial Council System is a Colossal White Elephant

Provincial Council System is a Colossal White Elephant

 I totally AGREE, it is a money spinner for political stooges and nothing for the average citizen.
Better done with it sooner than LATE!


The Provincial Council system has been roundly condemned as a costly, useless white elephant. A ‘white elephant’ is something which costs a lot, is of no use, but cannot be got rid of. The Provincial Councils are not innocent ‘white elephants’. They are dangerous. They were custom designed to break up the country in a manner which would prevent it from ever re-uniting again. Depicted as an egg, in a cartoon, Sri Lanka was told, "I am going to make an omlette out of you." "Can I become an egg again?" asked Sri Lanka. Answer, no. This was during the ‘union of regions’ phase. One critic said "the PC system has done much more damage to this country than the executive presidency. We can easily do without Provincial Councils. . Why doesn’t anybody challenge the Provincial Councils system in courts? "

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