Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why another book?

Why another book?
All my previous books were not premeditated but imagination run rout. They had all the ingredients of human mind, pun, rant, satire, fiction, fascination, imagination, prejudices, predicaments and above all cross section of random thought moments. 

Tragedy was taken out by default. I do not want to make readers miserable than they already are. I gave little credence to scientific thinking but scientific observations were implanted amidst the material. 

I went into an episode of digital zeroing for six weeks and emerged by strange coincidence invigorated. The idea of this book was impregnated coming out of the halo of black hole in my mind.

In other words, creativity had a rare chance to enlighten the inner me. 
I had a fascination for physics and astronomy from my childhood but my vocation kept me out of it, all my life.
This book is not about scientific friction.
This book is not on philosophy or theology.
It is not about abstract science too but something in between.

The black holes, dark matter and dark energy were the founding ingredients.

But talking about them in scientific terms is simply boring.
There is hardly any book on them but lot of junk out there.
I went in search of this material in the universe with my imagination run rout.

Well, well that made me to postulate new hypothesis in theory not at all tested in scientific terms.

The dark matter is so docile one cannot take a grain of it weigh it and test it in the laboratory.

Neither you can taste it nor smell it but it is out there to shake hand with you outmatching the matter by 1 is to 10 ratio.

Writing about it will stir up controversy.

That is not my intention, though.

The laboratory is out there to discover.

I delve in not so deep and this book is the outcome.

To make it interesting from the very beginning I take the “Big Bang” to misery so it folds up and goes into hiding or a “Big Crunch”.

If I don’t do that nobody will read this book.

Only a little is written about the dark mater to make it less boring for the reader.

The material is in a twisted form of a string.

In fact a tight rope!

The core material the dark matter and dark force are tightly wound up with the matter real.

One has to take the strings of material luminance out the tight rope and picture it as at best, a halo of discovery.

Don’t hold onto the rope.

Take the strings out and discover the dark secrets.

Luck is on you and you will discover more if you also let the scientific brain of you released from the matter real of the visible world. 

I hope you would not end up mad after reading this book.

The sole purpose of mine is enlightenment and sanity out of insanity of material science.

Dark matter and dark force is in fact is a scientific saint!

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