Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What are the Applications of Dark Force?

What are the Applications of Dark Force?

This question is the crunch point itself.

We are obsessed wit travel through the space but what we can achieve is very little in terms of the limitless universe.

If we assume there are life forms out there, we need to communicate or if possibly visit them in real time.

That is my imagination run rout.

Alternative physics is the only way.

There should be a way to counteract gravity.

The dark force has gravity built in.

Unlike matter when it react with antimatter, it does not release giant energy to annihilate everything.

It subtly merge with the galaxies and make matter worth illuminating and looking at.

We need to get into its core of gravity in a capsule made of virtual dark matter and built a time tunnel to travel through space keeping our body made of matter intact and without aging (problem of aging solved for a brief moment of universal time) forward if not backwards in time.

I prefer the backward travel then I can gain some credibility to destroy the Big Bang” Theory for once and for all.

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