Saturday, January 30, 2016

Two sides of the Coin

Two sides of the Coin

I am intrigued by the price of a fruit drink.

My favorite is by the way soursop.

Often the price is 100mg of  a good wine.

After all wine comes from a base of edible fruit.

Now I take 50mg of my favorite wine instead of the soursop.

Fruits are seasonal but alcohol is eternal (medicinal too).

Why I take 50 is economic (not small is beautiful) and nothing but economic and currently doctors recommend twice of what I take which is 100mg.

Let me analyze the fruit drink.

It is 90% water 4% ice cubes crushed, lot of sugar to kill the nutritional balance (sucrose instead of fructose) killing amount of table salt and liberal amount Ecoli from the poor (city) water source.

I say 100% of the dog shit ends in the river water intake.

Why drink fruit juice with bugs?

Drink the alcohol which is first class antiseptic (bacteria fear them like ghosts) and a high class mood elevator.

There is always a better side when one weighs the moral/ religious dilemma.

Little is good, that is how I translate “Mujja Pama Dhattana Weramani” the venerable precept.

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