Sunday, January 24, 2016

Retirement and Beyond

Retirement and Beyond
This may be the shortest time spell of one’s life cycle but may be the trickiest time of all.
Everybody else except yourself is wanting to see when you are going to kick the bucket.
This is specially so, if you have already written your will.
Your pension or your saving is not enough to sustain your living standard.
Even if you still have a motorcycle or moped or a car, you are a liability on the road. Your vision is poor, your hearing is modest, above all your reflexes are slow and the rackety car is creaking, and the driving becomes a death exercise in real time and broad day light.

I have few secrets for you to steer this period intelligently.

1. Going to old age home is the worse one can think of.

2. Occupying a hospital bed with malingering some yet not discovered illness by the medical fraternity is not the way round.

3. Practicing meditation is not the way wild away the time.
It becomes boring in no time and you drop to sleep in a unrealistic trance.

4. Sleeping can be an antidote but what about the wakeful hours.

If you have followed my instructions in the middle of the book, this is the time to practice it.

The collection of old paper cuttings (should not be your own- most of the guys who penned them down are already gone) you have and others don’t have is a luxury you cannot throw away.

Pick them at random and send it to the Sunday Paper of your choice.
After all, the local papers are recirculating the old news like what our astrological forecasters do.

They have a set of old predictions and superimpose the current planetary orientation to the material and publish, expecting (one in a million, though) one or two of predictions to get right, especially related to a politician in oppositions.

The editors will love your writing and publish them, provided you send a free token for a whiskey in his favorite waterhole.

You should edit the old content to fit in with the theme of the newspaper, say racism,religion, history, vision, satire, anything the editor will think that make the paper sell.

You become an instant pundit and the most favored columnist.

What a treat for a old guy like you.

I call this the Carlo’s method of practice.

This is only one of the tricks of in my book, coming soon, Life Hacker International.

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