Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Paradoxical Constituents in Constitution Making

Paradoxical Constituents in Constitution Making

I have made a table underneath by assembling few words from our present constitution.

Please check yourself for validity.

This is not a scientific or rationalistic analysis.

I prefer scientific analysis but governance whether good or bad is not a scientific discipline.

Any government on any axis of capitalism to socialism to dictatorship shuns (Three Space dimension in Science) scientific principles but breeds disorder (anticipated outcome is ORDER but usual order is Chaos) and add history to this equation (Time dimension in science) and there are ample examples, recent Sri-Lankan political developments a case in point.

Rationalistic view leads to dogma.

Just like;

It is the god who created the world but world order is made by the Kings or Queens or Subjects elected to represent by democratic counts, often with rigging.

Raise both hands instead of one hand and sometime the back too in this country.

Science is like talking about relativity or quantum dynamics or how to dress an astronaut in space.

So the views expressed here under political or generalist binoculars but seen monocular in practice is open for world political forums. 
The general view in practice is headless, heedless, arrogant and rigid.

Take an example United National party for over 20 years disunited with internal bickering.

Sri-Lanka Freedom Party generated so much steam from Sirima (extended parliament by two years) to Chndrika to Ma Ra dictatorship was the format and style of governance.

No freedom in evidence for the minority or down trodden masses.

Of course they learned it from Old Fox or JRJ.

JVP never brought freedom / liberation but only mayhem.

LTTE did not liberate but left the people as refugees.

It looks like after 65 years of freedom and free education we have produced many types of politicians but never a single philosopher with stature.

Our politician are yet to mature as eminent philosophers in constitutional constituents.

If you look at the constitution (present or in future) lacks vision, credibility, rule of law and accountability by a BIG margin.

So what is in paper has no substance, before the ink dries up it is violated by short circuiting its credence.




Republican Principles
Small change
Ha, ha what does it mean?
Not in Practice
Never in practice

Greed Driving Force
Violated with impunity
Only on Paper
Only for the rich
Rights Leftovers Like bones to the dog
Independence of the Judiciary To keep illegal baby elephants Only in Heaven

Hatred Palpable at all levels
Immutable Violated with impunity
Intangible Tangible to whims and fancies Usually Party in Power

Selfishness Driving Force
Dignity Oppression (Majority) Those in Power only
Heritage Animal Heritage Sinha Le or Monkey Le
Cultural Order Cultural Disorder

Power Suppress alternative views
Guarantee For Whom ( ? only lawyers)
Concord Discordance
Supreme Slaves To the Party
Unitary Divided Psychologically
Unity Divided In Practice

Intolerance My addition

Dogma My Addition

Jataka (Genesis) Chintanaya Previous Regime, Family

Jathika (National) Chinthanaya Regime Backers


Present Regime
Only a weak attempt

Bad Governance in 

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