Sunday, January 24, 2016


 This was posted in 2011, and the malady has worsened since then with probable senility.


This is a comment I made in a local paper where one of my old professors is embroiled in non-persuasive logic in defense of a political strategy.
He must be well past 80 but nearing 90.
This is what a good student of geriatric age can contribute.
His current logic baffles me and was a contemporary of late Osmond Jayaratne (professor of Physics) who was blind in later years but very lucid in his thinking.

I don't think I can agree with my beloved teacher who is now with old age out of touch with reality.
His conviction is good but his judgment is failing himself in old age.
He is causing irreparable damage to himself by dilly dallying with logic he cannot defend himself.
I bet he has not read or if he had read the book by Bertram Russel, "The Power", he has forgotten the lot.
Some quotes from that book is timely dose but not poison.
Our water, vegetable and air are polluted and we do not need any more little poison to poison our minds.
For record my blog site was attacked (which I investigated with outside help) and it was an inside job.
No more about it.
I did not and I do not write (see my blog site elsewhere) politically sensitive stuff.
Only word I used repeatedly was paradox.
It is a complex paradox my beloved professor is entangled with.
He should shed his attachment to L.S.S.P, if not practicing M.B.B.S. or the PhD (not currently valid, I believe- read my blog piece who can call oneself a doc) and try to be an independent thinker he used to be.
I wish him long life with that freedom in his mind.
Other advice is not to write to local papers and give divisive opinion.
He is becoming divisive by any stretch of imagination.
Philosophers are very reluctant to give clear cut answers but only ask appropriate questions to stimulate new way of thinking.
Professor De Bono call it lateral thinking
Doctors are killing each other in this blessed land for private practice.
He should take a stand on that issue.

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