Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looking through the Tinted Glasses

Looking through the Tinted Glasses
Talking a bit about the known mater is not an anticlimax as a prelude, before delving into the unknown horizon.
We are obsessed with visible matter and gravity.
Without gravity we cannot exist.
Our lungs will not inflate but rather collapse in a vacuum and our bones will break and we want be able to stand up in a sphere of 3 or 4 G gravity.
The gravity alone is not enough, we need our vision to orientate in space.
If our species was born totally blind how far we would have progressed in evolution?
That is a point to ponder.
Ability see and use energy spectrum is common to both plant and animal kingdoms. 
But this obsession with light and darkness and the awake and sleep cycle have blinded our brains to ignore the unknown.
In fact we fear darkness.
Imagine there were no stars in the sky at night and total darkness prevails.
We were so obsessed with mater or brightness our ancestors described the sky as heaven.
They even created a mighty god supervising these heavenly stars.
But with the development of the telescope and later the Hubble telescope our looking at the matter intensified and did not retard or wane.
What it actually retarded was the looking at the so called empty space of no real value until of course Hubble discovered the expanding universe.
In actual fact, the expanding space.
In fact matter, is not finite or may be exhausting itself by constant burn or transformation.
The mater currently at less than 5% given the time of billion light years will disappear to subatomic particles.
One does not need a “Big Bang” or “Big Crunch” to foresee this eventuality and apply the current physical explanations.
An alternative science is mandatory and dark matter has provided this by a stroke of luck.
We also need to get out of the mentality of the last 100 years that we need to test every possibility with equations and perform tests to verify our understanding.
The dark matter and dark forces would not obey current physics. But it would appear in relative terms or relativity since it is finely tuned with the matter but without reacting.
It only does the warping.
One should not get confused with big “Black Holes".
Black Holes are not where dark  matter is concentrated even though, it could possibly have some within it giving it some transparency (the light can travel through it and give us a glimpse of hope of visualizing the bottomless pit).
It is a phenomenon where light get pulled by the gravity of the big hole and won’t let us see the pit.
Dark matter is different to black holes..
It is out there in plenty in the galaxies.
It is like a fish tank with water and no fish or plants in it.
So we should describe the dark matter as a totally transparent tank (not visible to our spectrum of energy) full of matter we cannot grasp or fathom with the physical spectrum of energy we can manipulate.
We cannot put matter like fish and plant into this empty tank to see its relation to relativity of known physics, on this planet earth. This planet is full matter with no substantial dark matter. It they are there, they are made more invisible or integrated with matter as some nuclear forces yet undiscovered.
I believe the dark mater, if they are actually reacting with the matter they may contribute the mass where modern particle physics is cannot accurately measure in a known atom.
That is the beauty of dark matter.
They do not obey physics that we know of.
That means we give up and only postulate its behaviour.
No, No, that is not the way.
If we look up all the experiments are going on up on the heaven of galaxies.
In my belief all the geometry of our galaxies whether they are exploding or collapsing, the real force that tilt the balance is the dark force and dark matter.
They govern the very existence of matter real.
That is my outrageous hypothesis which I want to elaborate a bit not in abstruse terms or complicated equations but with simple common sense.
Let somebody else do the calculation and discover the alternative physics behind them.

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