Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dark Matter is the Root of the Matter

Dark Matter is the Root of the Matter

My theory of Matter verses Dark Matter or their transformation has many applications.

This time it is related to the galaxies.

How can one explain the geometry of galaxies.

There are many;
Flat Disk
Or any combinations the above.

Since most of the galaxies are pulling apart any of these formations are possible.

It is the dark matter that gives the gravitational pull and the shape not the burning and changing stars.
The contribution of the stars are relative since dark mater far exceeds the matter in real terms.

Our milky way is the best example.

The dark mater and its gravitational pull gives the right balance to the Milky way.

Even though, it is receding it does not fully blown away.

Similarly it does not pull together and goes into a big crunch or collapsing universe.

The disk shape of our universe has something to do this correct balance.
Subtle variation of the stars counter balances the pull (dark matter) and push (Hubble constant) of our milky way.

Even though it expands the reorientation of the stars (matter) and dark matter gives the unusual stability our Milky Way.

That is not the intention of this piece BUT to expand implication or the working of the theory proposed.

In spiral galaxies the outer rings or tentacles are moving faster than the inner stars.

Strangely though outer masses are associated with dark mater.

Hold on.

This where the matter is changing into dark matter.

It is unlike the bombardment described in particle physics experiments.

The speed at which these galaxies are moving in tandem with dark mate gives the opportunity for realignment of subatomic particles.

Matter at the margin turns into dark mater by random event to begin with.

So its gives the stability and this push it further on to make more dark mater with gravitational pull.

Let us assume ultimately all the mater is the transformed into dark matter and form into strings twisted tight like the DNA (string theory of many dimensions) with enormous gravitational pull.

So what happens next.

Invariably by random event it gets close to a galaxy with right amount of dark matter and bit more to overcome the gravitational pull of the unitary or solitary dark mater without stars.

The galaxy with dark matter stripes a string out of the solo dark matter.


This slightest strip and imbalance it creates, the solo dark mater turns table and starts becoming matter again, the counter theory of “Big Bang is born real.

The globular and elliptical galaxies have their own ways.
I will work out their mechanics at leisure.

The current attempt is to show the feasibility of the theory at random events at galaxy scale.

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