Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Current Trends in Sri-Lanka

Current Trends in Sri-Lanka
I find a very bizarre observation in Sri-Lanka.
I am telling this with personal and tragic anecdotes.
This trend is recent and was not visible 40 years ago.
Trend then was upward mobility.
Going abroad was one of the manifestations 40 years ago, albeit the sample and numbers were limited.

This has something to do with the Swabasha (Mentality) Learning and Training  over the last 35 years or so.
It is also due to lack of exposure.
We were like the frog in the well, no world outside of Sri-Lanka.
The current trend is for the layman to practice sainthood (from dress to day to day living) and the clergy to practice layman’s duties (including probably illegal procreation, in the name building a super race) like trading with baby elephants. 

They have lavish (Mandiraya) living quarters while laymen live without a roof for their heads It looks like laymen are not happy with normal living but want eternity and the priests are not happy with sainthood but want to procreate for posterity.
The roles are reversed and it is obvious to a person who is neutral.
I am warning this is bordering insanity.
A psychiatric can help only if there is a major disorder.
Not in these hazy areas.
It is somewhat similar to transvestism.
For want of name I call this religious trasvestism.
Please do not associate with them.

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