Friday, January 29, 2016

 Cancer and PHOBIA

This is a note I sent to a friend, who sent me literature on cancer.

I am a pathologist by profession.

This is not ranting but Lateral Thinking of Professor De Bono Style.

If YOU believe all this STUFF,  or the PSYCHOSIS doctors make you (including pseudo scientists) by inundating with facts and figures, one feels it is better one is dead than alive.

There are cancers that spontaneously disappear and there is a theory (I forget the Scientific American Edition) that role of the cancer cell formation is itself a defense mechanism that builds the repertoire of counter mechanism and prolong our life.

By treating (90% of the cancer cells cannot be diagnosed early enough- incubating stage-by present methods), I tend to believe that we shorten (quality too) the life than prolong it.

It is like dark matter what we know is very much less than what we don't.

The bottom line is no two cancer cells are alike and there is no standard treatment.

Elephants do not suffer from cancers (thick outer coating and they are nocturnal) and have a long life.

Slow apoptotic cycle and no radiation from the SUN.

I think the sun and the modified and refined food we eat are (chemicals) causative.

They have the wisdom (big brains) to be vegetarian.

Most of the birds (most likely the short life cycle) do not get cancer.

There are no or few records of Cancer in primitive civilizations.
They would have been dying of other diseases (Tuberculosis, Injury and sepsis) instead of cancer.

I can go on.

Human are are mutant species on this planet and destroy it at will.

It may be and evolutionary trick to get rid of us (the number of cancers are far in excess of the life scale of modern man of 10,000 to 20000 years) off this planet by design of the mother nature.

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