Saturday, January 16, 2016

Big Holes in the Big Bang Theory

There are two Big Holes in the Big Bang Theory.

How come something come from nothing?
It is akin to creation by god.
Unfortunately scientists a century ago had to satisfy the Church before uttering any theories fearing misgiving by the Church.

The Church was the authority and it had to ratify.

It was a pity.

Second was the inadequate explanation of the dark matter, a constant was proposed but this did no go well with the contemporaries.

Why there was so much dark mater was never adequately explained.

The possibility of "Big Crunch" as opposed "Big Bang" was excluded by default.

There is lot of dark matter amidst our galaxy.

We know the matter is consumed in the process of emitting photons and slowly but surely matter is exhausting itself.

There is transformation not annihilation.

Is it possible that the dark mater embedded in our galaxy is a byproduct of this transformation?

If the dark matter is expanding we got to seriously consider this probability.

If the dark mater is decreasing (in our galaxy) my theory has to be discarded outright.

If dark matter is stable we got to find an appropriate explanation.
How it got trapped amidst the matter of our galaxy needs some explanation.

Black holes of dying stars may be a candidate BUT black holes by themselves are a mystery to modern physics.

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