Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hate, Cruelty, Leadership, Religion, Political System and Common Sense

Hate, Cruelty, Leadership, Religion, Political System and Common Sense
This little piece should be read with lot of common sense and above all true sportsmanship (team spirit).
My bone of contention is how religion and religious leaders fail us.
So politicians failing should be taken in comparative sense.

Then, bashing only the leader, in the current context, Mahinda Rajapaksa alone is below the belt attack in boxing parlance.

The average voter (suppressed by propaganda) gave a knockout punch at the Presidential election.

I think that alone is enough in a political sense.

He was a leader of a segment of the population not the entire country (the northern segment rejected him).

We have failed to produce a leader that represented all the segments (big and small).

That is the biggest fault of the Presidential System of administration.

I have been vocal and against it (from the moment I understood it as the worst form of administration for this tiny country of ours) but our media never addressed it BUT bloated it.

The DEAD LEFT and the bogus leftists found a cocoon to hibernate for 35 odd years.

The voter was careful and mindful not to give the fallen leader a straw to hold onto.

The second punch was a reminder that in politics recovery is almost impossible when odds are against the contender.

My next point is where politicians and their stooges all along with biased media failed to apply sportsmanship principles when the fallen leader is weak (in recovery sense) and bash only him and NOT the scoundrels who were with him during his tenure.

Why don't we thrash the entire retinue?
Why only one?

That is my bone of contention.

People forget Mahinda Rajapaksa (I have to exclude the family members who ruined him) was more popular than a film star.

His block attraction (some in blind faith that he could rise from the ashes like the proverbial phoenix) was massive and substantial.

Let him enjoy that support which is healthy for our failed democracy and a relief for his blind supporters.
What I want is to see is the punishment (except his astrologer friend- I always consider HIM as the game changer and the Angle) for those guys and girls behind him (including officials) eating crumbs and gave him dead ropes (type of Gon Man Pilas and Wira Wansas).

It is called collective responsibility.

All of them should be taken to task and leave Mahinda Rajapaksa to enjoy his retirement two years in advance (I thank the astrologer).

He deserves it.

Why Religion fails US?
We have four major religions and many denominations.
What I cannot comprehend is how come we went on fighting an internal struggle (from 1971, 1983. 1989 and 2000 and up to now) for over forty odd years.

Either the precepts of religion is wrong or the practice of it is not possible.

Buddhism talks of Metta but politicians practice hate.

When it comes to Prabhakaran there was an element of cruelty to even Tamil subjects.

How come Hindu religion reconcile these defects.
There is element of cruelty to animals in Hindu religion except the cow.
Then come to Muslims current events in Middle East and ISIS is enough evidence.

In that sense Muslims in this country has lot OFFER and to teach those extremists abroad but some of them are admiring those cruelty.

Come to Christianity, just stating Bible War is enough BUT still simmering in the Middle East under cover of Judaism.
So the religion has failed not only in this country but the Whole World in general sense.

So do we need a religion to practice Common Sense?

I say NO and I want others to think about it.
My common sense tells me that I need to respect my fellow beings.
I want it reciprocated even in public transport.
An incident a week ago is enough to illustrate how we practice common sense.

I hate to travel in general but when I run short of ideas to write I take a quiet trip in a public transport.
My common sense states that using a car is the height of selfishness.
There is no parking lots to begin with and most of them do not care there are many others without cars, especially the political entourages that come in pilgrimage to Dalada Maligawa.

The three wheeler is the commoner's friend.

Not only it takes me from Point A to Point B but it gives a livelihood for a large section of the lower middle class.

But mind you they charge exorbitant amounts especially at night and on rainy days.

My common sense says there should be a meter and a flat rate of Rs.100/= to begin (for the first two Kilo meters)  with and then a decreasing rate per Kilo Meter over and above 20 Kilo Meters.

My common sense says that on an average a person does not travel above 20 Kilo meters a day except for commuting to office.

My common sense also states that the present government servants do precise little a day having arrived at the office and attended to his personal life including going to the toilet and many offices are an extension of their house to kill time till 4 P.M.

Back to my story I was returning home with lot of junk food in those Silly Silli Silli bags.

I generally sit in the middle and my common sense dictates the seat I occupy depending on the ongoing situation.
It was not rush our.
I avoid it.
I was seated not so comfortably due to my Silly bags leaving enough room for another passenger.

Then a guy comes and sit next to me in trousers.

He sits with his legs opened like a fan (I used to call it Open The BURU Andha- A makeshift bed in good old days, one can fold it when not in use) pushing me aside like a PIG.

He was pig indeed, probably a teacher or even a school principal.

That I tolerated.

Then he took his purse and opened it with his elbow almost touching my belly.

I thank god my belly was not as fat as his.
Even that I tolerated.

Then suddenly this guy without getting up and without any excuse, over my shoulder opened the window which I have closed (that is my general practice) as I was siting.

The point is, he touched me and as far as I was concerned it was a violation of my territory.

I must say I was building my protest inside my brain, all this time and the time was right for a simple verbal blast.
I told him (like Socrates) your freedom ends where my portion of the seat starts, in a not so polite Sinhala, expecting him a retort.

Sure he did, this is public transport and the blah, blah.

I won't elaborate all what I said in one minute.

I blasted him and said you should wear a sarong not a trouser like a politician (with a prominent name tag).

So he came into the equal rights principle.

Then I took him mathematically and said you paid Rs.12/= and I paid Rs. 20= and my right is Rs. 8/= more than his and you better simply “get off and simply disappear at that point”.

I said few things I should not have said in the spur of the moment and the conductor knowing the situation as it was returned the balance as it was to calm me down but I was never angry in all these scenario, since I knew when to stop it, since the blast was precooked in my brain but this guy was totally unprepared.

I finished by saying I wanted others to hear it loud, not only you all Sri-Lankans are like you and are selfish but I do not want to be SELFISH.

This story is to state how unprepared we are for reconciliation, dialogue and human rights.

A fellow passenger is a daily meat in day to day affairs.

We are not ready at ground level.

We are not ready at TOP level.

We are not ready at religion level.

We are not ready at Educational level.

The base line is cussedness, callousness, cruelty (especially to one's spouses) and hatred that the Buddhism abhor.

A mass scale education is essential and it has not yet begun.
What is the solution?
In our Constitution;

Take special privilege for religion out.

Take race out of the equation.

Take language out and use a common communication language (English to begin with).

PUT Common Sense into practice, every man, woman, child and life (animals and plants) have the right for peaceful coexistence.
This is the only planet we know of that supports life.
We need to protect the planet earth too.
So we do need a moral code of religion and fear of hell, that is good and bad principle.
What we need is to do the right thing at the right time.
We are over 40 years late BUT we need to start at some point and we are still dragging our feet.

That is what a coalition government does and good at it.
They think by waiting and procrastination matters will be solved or disappear.
That is the biggest mistake of the current parliament and its politicians.

They are obsessed with money matters.
They do not think of the things that can be done without money.
The dialogue and the interaction.
I must state that this current set of politicians also will fail us like those who were before.

They are not ready or have the educational preparation or the wise counsel.

They are dictated by party hierarchy and sadly we do not have a System in place to address the current issues.
I also do not think with two parallel institutions (President and Parliament) in place it is humanly impossible.
We have to give up one to rebuild the other.
Are we ready?
Big NO.

Below is a Piece on Religion.

Posted on 27-04-2015
Looking for a contemporary / modern-day Religion

My requirements are strict and should satisfy at least ten points.

1. It should not beg, borrow or steal my freedom.

2. It should not drain my physical resources.

3. Most importantly, it should not drain my mental resources.

4. It should not disturb my inner sanctity, I already possess.

5. It should not be dogmatic and seemingly thematic.

6. I need the salvation right now.

7. I cannot wait for the next life or the heaven or hell after death.

8. It should not interfere with my fellow beings, not the least.

9. It should not interfere with all life on this planet earth (plants and animals).

10. It should make me feel (in this present existence-rather coexistence) the current existence is worthwhile and pleasing without any social or political interference.

Suffice is to say, I have not found one.

Most of the religions in one way or the other insinuate not one but many listed above.

I rather feel better without a religion.

I do not want a label hanging on my back apart from being human.