Sunday, December 27, 2015

Only Fools can agree!

Only Fools can agree!
Democracy and Fool's Constitution.

Democracy fails in a country where fools live in.
It becomes a fool's paradise.

The premise or the simple equation is one fool (Me for example) does not like the other fool's (against YOU) opinion.

It is like the equal and opposite reaction of objects in motion (unfortunately, opinions move faster than objects {often bloated by MEDIA} and they often do not obey the laws of physics).

It is the fools constitution, made by the fools for the consumption of the fools.

So it becomes the fool's constitution subjected to revision by another set of fools.

This fool's equation becomes very complex and intricate IF you substitute ME and YOU of this Fool's Equation by any substance of YOUR opinion when deliberating the Fool's Constitution.

Try substituting

1. Religion

2. Sector of Religion (Shiite and Sunni)

3. High Priest

4. Low ranking Priest (new recruit)

5. Race

6. Colour

7. Language

8. Sexual Orientation

9. Sex

10. Lawyer (Solicitor General)

11. Doctor (GMOA)

12. Banker (Current and ex-central bankers)

13. Wheeler Dealer of Stocks

14. Country of Origin (Sri-Lanka for example)

15. Politician in power

16. Politician out of Power 
This become more intricate when Religion, Race and Country are taken as multiples and not as single entities of opinion.

This is the threshold level of emergence of DOGMA, GMOA and or Terrorism.

The corollary is that even from a fool's constitution one can derive some valid political context for the current world, especially Sri-Lanka.

The UNO Charter is one of them, just like the NATO.




Only SHOW or Good Governance (YAK Palanaya)

Or Mayhem.

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