Sunday, December 27, 2015

Grand Finale-Constitutional Conundrum

Grand Finale-Constitutional Conundrum

I had no interest in Constitutions.

My interests were Justice, Fair play and Rule of Law.

We do not need a Constitution if those three ingredients mentioned above were in place.

Some of our judges, lawyers and Office of the Solicitor General have become the laughing stock of the South East Asia, if not the international community.

In this country 4 out of 100 criminals get convicted.
The law is bent towards the criminals and criminal activity.
The lawyers' bounden duty is to save criminals.
By doing that they amass money and in return they get fabulously rich.
After British left no lawyer, no doctor, no banker, a corrupt priest, above all no politician with prominence were convicted.

What it means is our lawyers are perfect.
Our doctors are perfect.
Our bankers are perfect.
Our priest are perfect.
And our politicians are infallible.
In addition our military is the perfect military in this entire world.
In other words, we can disband the police, army, navy, and air force and declare it as the Utopian Society.

But we had violence from 1970, 1983, 1988/89 and internal blood shed for over 40 odd years.

The constitution did not help.

The rule of law did not help.

In fact, the constitution created havoc beginning in 1972 and culminated it in 1978.

Our ethnic war a direct result of the above two bizarre constitutions BY MARGINALIZING MINORITIES IN RACE AND RELIGION.

Britain does not have a written constitution but its law (unlike in America) applies equally to monarch, the average citizen or the foreign visitor.

What is important NOT what is written in law or in a constitution but the practice of common sense and natural justice.

In a country where pedestrians does not know how to cross a pedestrian crossing, the drivers have the law unto themselves and traffic police is waiting for a lumpy bribe, talking about law and order and constitution is redundant.

It is going to be another failed exercise.

Only plus point is going to be the getting rid of the post of presidency.

But I am sure they make a mockery of the whole exercise by having a PM who is an exact replica on paper and in command.

I will bet my bottom dollar on that eventuality.

What we need is not political leaders but personalty that can be compared with the Gold Standard of Politics, Nelson Mandela.

We have none. 

After 65 years of free education our teachers (including Tuition Masters) have failed to produce a single entity worth emulating as a National Leader who can represent all communities.

This is what the partisan (single stream education) education does to the real polity.

That is why we have ended up as a mafiosi state.

They rule in power and out of power.

Rest of the citizen become small change.

This is what happens to a country after a prolong ethnic conflict.

We failed in what Nelson Mandela has achieved with de Klerk in tandem.

Neither side has the human quality (specially the majority) left in their heart for reconciliation.

That is the biggest failure of Rajapaksa Reginme and Bodu Bala Sena (BBS).

We continue on the same evil path with Waira Wansa tuning the Band.

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