Sunday, November 1, 2015

Survival Strategy

Survival Strategy. Is there?
One shoe fits for all concept may be appropriate for politics but not for education in general.
It is specially so in preschool education.
Children grow at different speed and the whole world is their domain.
Trying to have a unifying theory of education in practice is bound to be a failure.
They are not small adults.
They are unique in their ability to adapt in a given situation.
They are the most vulnerable.
I often wondered why humans have such a prolonged period of vulnerability and poor adaptation at birth.

They are totally dependent on food, milk to begin with.
We have similarity to elephants.
Elephants are social animals just like humans.
They have huge brains.

So my hypothesis is, that it is not the size of the brain that determines our survival.
Mammoth went extinct.
Dinosaurs had huge bodies but small brains.
But they are extinct.
The cockroaches with such limited capacity survived the ordeal.
Will the human race survive a major catastrophe?
Will the brain size and our capacity to learn protect us from extinction?
I think mammals who are now successful in evolutionary scale are as vulnerable as any other species.
We cannot procreate fast to replace the dwindling numbers.
We cannot mature fast to take advantage in a period of crisis.

There is a condition called progeria where one ages very fast and die before 15 years (young) of age.

So fast maturity and faster acquiring of skills or knowledge would not spare us from catastrophe.

(So let the children grow at easy pace and be children for heaven's sake).

We are driving fast towards our own destruction.
What looks like petty wars might end up in a World War III- Three.
My prediction is man will drive himself to extinction.
That is what the nature has designed for us.
However, I cannot estimate the time scale of this scenario for certain.
We will only prolong it but it will come for sure, unless we have a population strategy and our body size become half it is now.

There is a condition called prolonged intrauterine starvation with accelerated maturity and early (similar to progeria) death.

That is the only genetic protection we are endowed with.

That is why I say “ Small is Beautiful”.
Our Godly creator was bit stupid to make us this big.

He might have to revisit his strategy for the next generation of humonoids once we become extinct.
My estimate was 6 billion people the breaking point or when the tipping point is reached.
9 billion people is way too high for this planet.
We won’t be able to produce cell phones with touch screen to all humans when ten billion point is passed.

There is not enough iridium left by then.

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