Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mini Budget Dissection, No Laptops but Go for a SLATE!

Mini Budget Dissection, No Laptops but Go for a SLATE!

This is only a Mini Budget Dissection but not an overall.
My discussion is related to IT and not politics.
Mind you two current ministers had vested interest on Microsoft and Autocad and another not in parliament had interest on Photoshop.

This should be read in tandem with my blog, “Removing an Account from Google” where I have mentioned few guidelines for buying a Tablet.
In any case, I won't volunteer any advices but was thoroughly disappointed with both ministers who are lawyers and their antics.
I blame the average voter for electing one and PM for appointing the other.
They both owe an apology to late Venerable Sobitha.
Thank god Reverend left this paradise few hours before their antics.
I wish that he would not be born again on this island, perhaps in a heaven that has no interest in this tiny island.

I had been advocating my students to buy a Tablet not a Laptop.

Why one should not buy a laptop on LOAN?
1. It is a heavy luggage including the chargers.

2. It needs all the paid software if one is not using Linux.
I hate students boasting about their talents with a pirated copy.

3. It will pack up in a few years and the battery is very expensive to replace.

4. It has no second hand value.

5. Even though the laptop will save energy it still needs charging with a wall plug.

6. All these will cost the students and their parents and I am against students becoming a prey to the bank on a so called soft loan.

7. Worst of it is the student will default on payments and the bank has to foot the bill.

Banks are commercial ventures No Dolling Houses.

So the merchants who want to dispose the old LAPTOP hardware will prey on YOU.


I can add it up to 20 points and this will suffice.

Why buy a Tablet?
1. It is cheap and the next generation hardware.
2. It is cute and light on luggage.
3. There is ready bank of FREE and PAID software which will make it easy to migrate to the Real World.
4. It is light on your pocket if you go for a non proprietary brand.
5. Batteries are cheap and not branded.
6. It has a camera.
7. It has a phone.
8. One can switch it off when your are sleeping.
9. Students should be wiser than their counterpart politicians.
10. One can have two Zims to download educational software instead of one and dispose the dongle for good.
11. Only the Zim will cost you and he/she learn to manage his / her money.
None of this apply to a student whose parents are rich.
They should go for the brand they like the most and make sure they do not show off these gadgets in front of the poor lecturers.

Mind you there are only a few non proprietary Tablets on the market.

The BIG dealers STOP importing them to lure the students on laptops.

The simple reason is that the profit margin on laptops is very big!

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