Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Microsoft Account

Microsoft Account

I look an idiot to Microsoft Server administrator.

I opened an account with Microsoft in January, 2015.

The idea was to use it if I bought a Microsoft Phone.

In fact, this is how they (Microsoft) served me when I logged in and said I had forgotten the password.



I got a numbered code and opened the account.

Mind you I had forgotten even the email address.

I fished it out of one of my many emails.

This time from Gmail and send a link to Yahoo.mail, in case I would not be able to open the Outlook account.

Instead of buying a Microsoft phone I bought two Windows 8.1 operating systems.

One for my wife's mini computer and other for my computer to watch TV.

I still have not bought a TV Card yet (not available on the market) but use an external TV Box to watch TV.

All the TV cards are in USB sticks now.

I prefer an internal card that eliminate sticking a stick.

I have so many USB gadgets, one a cooling fan, another Wireless router, two tablets, and few phones that are never charged from a wall socket but from my computer.

In fact I have 5.25 Media Dashboard, mounted with the motherboard which can take any stick (camera SD card. Micro SD or MMC) except a matchstick.

I booted the windows 8.1 and used the IE to explore the Windows World.

Sign in with the outlook mail once and signed offed to enter the Clod Chamber of Microsoft.

The OneDrive.

It won't accept the outlook mail but wanted to change it to Microsoft account which it could not execute but send me a numbered code to gmail instead.

If I remember correct I signed into the OneDrive with a mobile three months ago.

There are no files there to recover anyway.

What a hassle to use the cloud.

I use Dropbox, my first entry into cloud computing and lately Google Drive.

Rest assured I probably will never use OneDrive if they cannot figure out a way to have a secure email mechanism to sign into OneDrive.

They are still working on it.

In the meantime, Google and Dropbox are market leaders and Microsoft is sadly lagging behind.

I am fast moving into Cloud Computing and Mobile (Tablets included) Computing, it looks like PC and Desktop may retire to the attic.
All my 32 bit computers are dismantled (except one) to save energy bill, which I cannot afford.

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