Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I am going through a phase of memory impairment.
Not yet come to the phase of memory loss.
The next stage is total amnesia.
The medical terminology is redundant here.
It is strange that the new coalition government has appointed some individuals with last stage of memory to our independent commissions as a form of guarantee that none of the commissions will function effectively.
I am waiting till I get into that stage so that I myself become eligible.

I was joking.

I do not want to live a single day or moment I become amnesic.
I wish I am gone long before that stage of my final deterioration.
Till then I do all what I could do to retain my memory and composure.
So what I am doing wrong at present.
I do not sleep 8 hours.
I plan too many for a working day.
Besides, my daily routines are lengthy.
There is no way cutting down on them without sacrificing the quality of life.
There is no short cuts.
One of the biggest hindrance to life and memory impairment to my life is the time I spent on public transport.
It takes solid 45 minutes for 5 kilo meter distance.
I saved 15 minutes in the city.

Then guess what happened.

The bus / private vehicle met with an accident at the filling station.
Everybody, except me left the bus to go by an alternative public transport.
This happened 10 minutes before four.
The time now is 5 minutes past four.
I just want to time the effectiveness of our police.
Next post is on that.

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