Friday, October 2, 2015

Why I am against a National Government-05

Why I am against a National Government-05

We are politically constipated.

We have not seen any change over the last 100 days.

First 100 days was a gimmick.

The last 100 days were spend not on Unity but bickering about who is holding what post and doing sweet nothing after that.

There is a popular article/s by an eminent civil servant turned journalist writing to an English Daily.

He has assumed himself as a Minister of Anything (added by me) but Nothing Doing (=M.A.D).

I have a big political prediction for the citizens.

As it is, the forming of the coalition government (no Tamils in this, so cannot be a National GOV and Tamils can be proud of not being plundering the public money) is a PLOY to increase their allowances and perks doing sweet nothing.

In no time they will aggregate these perks and pass a little motion to accommodate all the PERKS as the monthly wage.

In other words, they have increased their salary by a devious mean and both Public and Private servants never had a increase in the BASE salary (over the past 21 years) in keeping with the escalating cost of living and Public Debt.

Examples of doing nothing in previous regime were the ministers of the Dead Left Vasu, Dew and Tissa TRIO who did nothing except praising the BOSS.

It paid their dividends. 

Now it is time for the Citizens to be vigilant.

No political party including JVP would do anything worthwhile for the public to make their life better (for the Simple Simeon) except garlanding them with perks and allowances.

Next 100 days will be spent on Budget.

So this year can be categorized as a YEAR that promised a LOT but delivered sweet nothing.

After all why we need such a big government if they are impotent in solving current problems, for EXAMPLE DEBT CRISIS (for next 100 years).

We have to scale down  these Mega Thamasha!.

First scale down the Cabinet.

Then scrap the Provincial Councils forthwith. 

Provincial Councils never solved the intended purpose BUT fatten the political pockets.

If North (Tamils) and East (Muslims) want an alternative form of government to satisfy tier aspirations (aspiration went to WAR since all corrupt southern parties UNP. SLFP and JVP did not see eye to eye with moderate Tamils) this is the time to start it.
Instead of wasting time on war crimes, we must install a mechanism to prevent the War ever happening AGAIN.
Political dialogue with brains not narrow party politics (including Tamil parties) is needed.
This mechanism should be ONGOING and Permanent.
That is where we need foreign help, especially South Africa not UNO is needed.
For me UNO is, a de facto failed institute which failed to prevent all the wars after 1948.
Middle East  is a case in point and is still volatile due to ISIS.
UNO provides substantive salaries to international political morons.
I think like the Provincial Councils in Sr-Lanka (never solved the intended purpose) we must scrap the UNO and think of devising a better institution for the Modern Times.

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