Thursday, October 8, 2015

Push Chair

Push Chair
But I must tell you the story what saved us that day.
It was the push chair / trolley of my children. 

We had to negotiate it down the slippery slope. 
It had the correct brakes.
The story of the push chair (trolley) goes mack to London High Wycombe and Mother Care Store there. I bought a push chair from this store and was using it for about a week and found its locking system was faulty and the strut that supported it was of inferior quality. 

It looked pretty nice from outside.
I took it back and wanted it refunded stating it had a faulty locking system but the middle age lady refused it point blank. I demonstrated it to her and she stood by the Mother Care and their products were the best.
I hit the roof (this was only the second time in my life I blasted a Westerner in style before pre-LTTE Era) and blasted her and you keep the push chair (trolley) and the money.
I actually push it under her legs. 

She was wearing a gown.
I said you never had a kid in your life and does not know what safety means and I never visit this store again.
She cooled down a bit by that time and I said you are a disgrace to Mother Care but I am reporting this incident in writing and left the store leaving behind the push chair.
I wrote a letter detailing the fault and what remedy should be instituted and I will wait until a different model is out and would not visit the same store but come to London to buy one.
If they fail I will report to the consumer authority in due course.
Sure enough they wrote back with an apology and made a very sturdy model in double quick time and let me purchase it for the price I paid for the one I left without a refund in High Wycombe. 

It was actually priced higher but I got a discount.
Mind you they were very expensive and I never know what happened to that English woman.
I never visited the store and moved out of High Wycombe. 

In a nutshell, High Wycombe falls under the Queen’s territory. 
Most of the people who work there belong to an extended secret service in civilian cloths.
Generally the people there are haughty.
I took this push chair to New Zealand and my son was on it while were were descending that slippery slope.
We locked it properly before descending. I was in front with my back against the cliff and the front end of the push chair against my shoulder top and not looking downwards slowly but surely came to the point where we had to turn left and come to a small plateau. 

It was safe downhill climb from that point.
The mist and the darkness covered the fearful steep precipice and the sea down below but stupidly enough my shoes were not suitable for the terrain but the push chair was.
God only knows how many accidents were avoided by this smart and sturdy model. 

The credit goes to Mother and Baby Care engineers who designed it.

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