Friday, October 9, 2015

A Currency Note and Reading It

A Currency Note and Reading It
I have lot of time now when I travel by Public Transport.
They are very very slow within town limits and it takes one hour to negotiate 5 to 7 Kilo meters within the so called town limits.

There were two kids under seven with their mother.
There was another young lady of about 20, either a sister of the mother or even the elder sister of the two kids.

One of the kids had a sharp coconut 'ekle' in her hand.
She was waving it in all directions, for some reason if she lost her grip on it there was the likelihood of it hitting my eyes.
I kept my focus but never had any intention of volunteering advice specially on a public transport.

God only knows how a Samaritan would end in this age and in this blessed country.

Sure enough, it landed on me.
I took it and said 'it is a sure way to lose an eye and there is no way to get an eye back” and gave it back.
I gave it back to the kid.
Mother quickly took it and threw it out of the window and she did not care it will hit a bystander.

No appreciation (I never expected it) of the Samaritan work or no apology for the object landing on me.

This was the youngest kid.
The other kid had a twenty Rupee note in her hand.
She was looking at it and wanted to read its contents but soon lost interest.

So they got down before me and in a flash, I saw a good piece of writing related to a currency note.

It is in all there languages and there was nothing in it to interest a kid.

This is in a country where then president used the currency note for election campaign.
It was illegal as far as I was concerned but then the president (while holding the post,but not afterwards in my interpretation of common law) was immune but I did not see that the Governor of the Central Bank who was not immune prosecuted.

So if I am the Governor of the Central Bank this what I would do.

I use the note for education the masses.
We have so many currency notes that each one of followings could be embedded easily without any difficulty.

Number one to ten is here and the readers can add many more.

1. Sri-Lankan Government spends more than the currency value depicted on the face to print it.
So use with due care.

2. This is only for legal tender and not for bribing politicians or priests.
So please do not put it to a till in front of a religious institution or secret pocket of a politician.

3. This is for general circulation for all people, religion,race, caste etc and not for political propaganda.
Please do not print a face of a politician.

4. If for any reason this currency note is used with a figure, please disfigure it.
This was what happened to the currency note mentioned above.

5. This currency note is printed by pawning three generations for hundred years.
So please do not procreate grandchildren.

6. If this currency note is not enough for your daily living,
Please go to the nearest bank and ask for a loan or commit suicide expecting a better life next time.

7. Please do not give this note to a kid since his aspirations are million times what is depicted on its face.
It is an offence to give it to a kid.

8. Never ever put this to a till expecting it to grow.
Use it now or perish.

9. If by chance if you pick a note please do not return it to the owner.
Send it to the central bank to pay the debts.

All the above are for visually able men and women.
One below is for the visually impaired.

The central bank will make special notes for the visually handicapped.

The Central Bank can put in a magnetic code in between the two leaves (front and back of the note).
A magnetic code can have thousands of lines many more than stated above.

 It States
10. If you get a shock it is a Sri-Lankan currency, if you do not get a shock it is either a fake or is a foreign currency.

Either way you have to come to the bank to get a magnetic finger tip to validate its authenticity.

We however make a charge for any audio support.

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