Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why I am against a National Government-04

This is the fourth of my short editions.
I must state I was recruited under old civil service and it was much better than the present.
The present service should be renamed political service.
From police to education to Mahaveli Authority are  infested with servicemen who are corrupt.
This goes from labourer / cop to permanent secretaries under previous regime (may be current too) to officials of the central bank.
When a government changes these guys/girls used to change the tie and carry on regardless their corrupt practices, from tenders to purchase.

So in the first year of the new government a few of  the most corrupt are eliminated and replaced by putative good ones.
Of course they become as corrupt as the predecessors in the second year.

MIND YOU  we had a change of a party after 21 years and these corrupt officers had time to put their political understudy in all the public services.

This is worse with Provincial Councils.
Under the BRITISH administration no officer can stay in one place more than four years.

I say it should be 3 years.

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