Friday, September 25, 2015

Travel Etiquette

Travel Etiquette

This is the way we should treat an outsider who tries to fiddle with our correct internal politics.

Also remember LTTE has done more damage to Tamils than Sri-Lankan politics.

The Tamils who were left behind were the total casualty and not the ones who got the bogus refugee status.

I must relate a story of my doing while travelling to London is appropriate to see the other side, the nasties.
When you are in a foreign country and if you have not done anything wrong, one must take mickey out of the nasty guys.
I did it my way.
This happened before the LTTE days.
I was travelling by Swiss Air.
Happened in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
I did some a quick transit airport shopping.
If I remember correct, I bought my first portable Dictaphone for dictating my clinical notes. Suffice is to say it was very expensive those days.
Since, I was landing in London and straight to my living quarters, I was casually dressed but not at all shabbily.
The three piece suite was done away with at some point in my travel facade.
I was waiting in the queue for boarding and the final call for boarding was heard on the public address system. Almost simultaneously, the security personal at the gate directed the finger and signalled me to come for a quick checking.
I was in the middle of the queue.
The signal was like calling your dog for attention.
No courtesies or polite tone.
I was wild and hit the roof.
He was heavily built almost twice my size.
I had to look up to focus my eyes on him.
Abruptly, “I said you call me because I am brown.
Didn’t you.
Why don’t you call a white man instead.
Now no white man should cross my point till I am fully checked. You have to check me from top to bottom.”
I was sure I did not have anything illegal but the Swiss Knife.
The idea was to delay the flight as much as I could since the final call has already been on air.
One by one I pulled a tooth brush, tooth paste, purse, key tags and what not, very, very slowly and deliberately.
The security guy had to do his job diligently and correctly.
The reminder of the final call was heard again since the boarding receptionist felt there was some hold up.
Finally he finished his checking and as he was finishing I said thank you very much and take a note that I will never land on this airport again.
I never did.
So we reached London ten minutes late and the aircraft missed its landing slot and we were circling at Heathrow for 45 minutes before we got the landing rights.
I told the white man next to me sorry, you miss your connecting flight, thanks to that security man with cockeye.
He did no know what to say.
Mind you this was before LTTE escapades and Sri-Lankan had the rightful place in the international arena.
I never did such a thing again after the emergence of the LTTE.
It was sure recipe for me getting incarcerated at a foreign airport and may be even temporary prison.
So hold onto your nerve even at extreme circumstances.
If not do not travel abroad.

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