Sunday, September 6, 2015

Need for New Constitution

Only reason I see valid for a national rather coalition government is the formalization of a new constitution for the changing needs of the 21 century.
Let me point out the uselessness of the post of presidency.
There is no way a Tamil could hold this post by popular democratic election.
It is simply the ethnic percentage that determines the outcome not the suitability of the candidate.
A Muslim becoming a President is unthinkable with bogus Buddhist radicalism.
The cost of holding a presidential election is colossal.
That alone is enough to scrap it forthrightly.
Previous regime proved how it nullified the collective responsibility and pushed the needs of the minorities to the dustbin.
In addition the post of presidency created smaller parities who are good at wheeler dealer activity rather than real national political culture.
There are are many more undesirable (Jumbo Cabinet, cross over for money, two third majority, referendum and fixed moribund architecture in this constitution) features which I have adequately pinpointed elsewhere.
It was only the current PM in opposition who consistently saw the need for change.
SLFP promised to abolish it 21 years ago and abused it.
That was the reason for Ranil to change course.
That is one of the reason UNP won, in fact two seats more than MR got in 2004.
He could have formed a one party government but saw the need for change and consensus before the election and talked about a National Government while in opposition.
That stood good for him but the Ma Ra team did not have the wisdom to foresee it.  
They went on an utterly useless racism now renamed nationalism by Amaraseka and Amatunge gang.

Mahinda could have gone to Jaffna and could have kissed a tiny Tamil toddlers on the cheek and got the required numbers to match Ranil.
He did not.
Ranil got their vote not even doing anything similar or an abstract political feat in front of the TV camera.
Now,  even if the leaders of the SLFP kiss the bum of a nude toddler the Tamils won't vote for them.
Perhaps now they have to clean their political bum and dress it with a Nappy.
Lost wisdom can never be regained.

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