Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Ranking on wishes of a New Yorker

My Ranking on wishes of a New Yorker 

Please do not ask how I got these privileged data.

1. Rank number one was dog and dog related items including dogs poop.

2. Rank number two cats and cat related items including cats poop.

3. Rank number three kids and kids related items including Winnie the pooh and poop.

This is  not a nincompoop findings.
Dogs come first and kids by default three.


4. Rank four is Gambling related items (stock market excluded) not sex.

5. Rank five was small bottles of wine and alcohol related items

6. Rank six Cigarettes, Cigars and smoking related items.

7. Only at rank number seven I found sex related items (both sexes) but there was not a single phonographic item. 

I believe they have taken them home.

I wanted to arrange items (not sex) according to male or female sex but deferred it since I could not be sure. 

Besides, I do not believe in sex discrimination and treat both sexes with equal dignity, unlike in Sri-Lankan ways and our politics.

I also eliminated food items in my analysis.

Ranks eight, nine and ten, have your guess.
Not Sailing
Not Scuba diving
Not even Stock market

8. Rank eight was cars and cars related items but not bicycles.

9. Rank nine was travel ad travel related items including broken mobiles, SIM cards, travel cards, travel schedules and itineraries.

10. Rank number ten to my surprise was computers and computer related items including androids, tablets and mobile phones. 

Reading, writing and music were nowhere in the first ten of my ranking.

So in essence, I have to write a book on dogs (or cats) to be popular in America.

Certainly not on sex or cars.

So if you are a Sri-Lankan and you wished to be born in America in next life think of becoming a pedigree dog not a beautiful TV star or a sportsman.

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