Friday, September 4, 2015

IT Trauma I suffer

Now I am into Mobile!

My major problem now is to find a wireless hot spot in Kandy.
Now after one month of surveying, I know where to download 12 MiB game on the fly.
I won't tell you where?
The download speed is pretty good by wired connection.
One hour for 4 GiB Knoppix 7.5.2.
But I can download maximum of 20 GiB for month with the present contract.
My telephone bill is over Rs. 7000/= with Peo TV and I can download only 5 Linux DVDs.
So retiring my old PC and going mobile was the easy option.
Fortunately I have an archive of old Linux CD/DVDs fr an emergency.
Even then I use the most light weight distribution and add few of my favourite packages.
It is nice to note that Google Play has corresponding light weight utilities and missing elements are on the cloud.
The cloud is the way forward and I use my mobile as a cloud client.

Below is a reproduction of the IT trauma I suffered under Ma Ra Chinthanaya.

7 Days, 7 hours and 7 minutes of downloading Debian Multi Arch (32 - 64 bits)

My dog is sitting besides me and the thunder storm might hit us or my computer in minutes and if I do not pen this down now, I may have to wait for long hours in the night.

Yes it took 7 days, 7 hours and 7 minutes of downloading for me to try the Debian Multi Arch (32 and 64 bits).

The last 2 MiB took 7 minutes and it was like long one hour for me with the impending thunder storm.

I pay for 3 MiB for a minute and I have to sit for 10 minutes to to get that service, which is a violation of the service contract. I cannot do anything about it and if I complain I might even get a far worse service.
Here they can boast that so many have got internet connections but with service contract violation.
Can you imagine how many man hours I may have wasted over the last two years to download 150 to 200 CD/DVDs.

But it was worth the trouble even with very poor service if one sets a target to achieve (testing 100 Linux distributions was my target) and persevere with it can be achieved. What I did was not stop at 100 but to continue with it, this time with torrent and what did I get.

Now I discover there is utility called FileZilla that can be used in a situation where there is often breakdown in service, it restart from where the breakdown had occurred. I have not tried it but love to try it when I have time.

I found something that I was waiting for a long time.

Discovering Sinhala capability of Linux was a welcome bonus that I was not looking for.

It is true I have not spent that amount of man hours for my thesis but thesis trained me in discipline and perseverance, which come good when doing a thing Like delving into to Linux.
Instead of flame wars, I look at what is there with some perceived objective and if I decide to make a live CD for myself, I now know what to look for and where to look for.

Yes I have tried it for few minutes and now I have one DVD with both 32 and 64 capabilities to try Sinhala Linux. This is the DVD I will carry with me for demonstrating Sinhala Linux capability.

See you soon after the thunder storm.

The seeder was from Sweden.

I have only Gamers Linux of 8.4 GiB to try and I will do that leisurely, now.

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