Monday, September 14, 2015

Electricity Supply and Voltage Problems

I am one who believe that the supplier should compensate for any economic loss including the equipment malfunction to the consumer.
But this country has no legal framework and government monopoly makes it intransigent, even to suggest worthwhile policy changes.
My personal losses are substantial (starting from 1984 to present day) and too numerous to list.

This post is to illustrate the economic interplay.
We had low outage over the last six months and it effected my only computer (out of 10 three lost to power outage last year under previous regime and the rest decommissioned to save our electricity bill) and the Telecoms Wireless Router.
Low voltage had affected the router and it was malfunctioning.
There was continuous interruption to  PEO TV and internet connection.
Today they had to replace the router and that means it takes toll on the Telecoms.

I believe the electricity board should pay compensation to Telecoms.
They have only to prove it is due to faulty electricity supply.
It is always the customer who has to bear the brunt of injury but the coporate institutions (CEB < CPC) go scot free, even if the fault is theirs, especially mismanagement.
We individuals cannot achieve such a feat in this blessed country.

Why should the Telecoms which is much better service provider than the electricity should foot the bill?

The last six months there was no effective government and civil servants did not follow the norms.
There was no supervision at all.
They were unto themselves.
It is time the civil service is rid of all corrupt officials and a complete overall is long overdue.
For 21 years they were ruining the water board and electricity board.

These corrupt officials are making plots even now to sell water.
They only have to change the tie or the colour.

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