Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Economic Losses

Now I have estimated the rough economic loss due to faulty electrical supply to be 2 billion a year (for those individual customers who use them) for the entire country over the past 3 decades.

This is substantial since there is no guarantee of service or replacement is legally available.

Here I have left out 70% of other customers who buy these equipments as second hand and repaired (they use them for a limited period of six months or perhaps one year).
We have become a dumping ground for discarded hardware from overseas.
I know it for sure about computers.
I have used them for my Linux work.

Linux knows well how to service old hardware.
But there only a very few individuals with understanding on Linux in this county.

The economic development is uneven.

The development expected from free education in spite of the huge investment is uneven.

Why we need to study?
The quality has not improved.
This is especially so in technology.
Even in service sector quality is sacrificed for quantity.
Numbers are big but the contribution to sustainability is neglected.
If one buys an equipment it should last for five years at least.
There should be minimum guarantee period of one year.

Dumping cheap equipment that failed quality checks in China is not the way forward.
Quality should be guaranteed from manufacturing to the doorstep.

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