Monday, September 7, 2015



It is a frightening thought that still resonate in the back of of my mind.
Imagine we had an Arthathiya (Tension or Tensed Man) Commissioner of Elections, spineless police force and subdued minorities, the plight this country and the direction we would have taken by a rabid champion is a frightful thought.
Yes it was a peaceful revolution but the credit should go to its architects.

1. Number one is our former Commissioner of elections, conducting the most difficult of elections peacefully.

2. Then the Police and the Armed forces who did not bow down to pressure and did their duty by the country.

3. Then the minorities who saw that they will be ones who would be subjected to untold hardships, united to defeat the oppressor.

4. Then the citizen groups and vocal university backdrop that made the vision impossible, possible.

5. Then the average voter who walked up to the booth and was not hesitant to make a simple cross for change.

Those five elements in combination did the mission impossible.

Still the ghosts and shadows are appearing among the racists or the newly coined nationalists (with mafiosi backing)in the south.

This national government actually gave them the window of opportunity to regroup and reshape their motives.

This is the time one has to be vigilant.

They are snakes under the grass, deadly.

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