Monday, August 3, 2015

Why we need a stable government not a national government

I think people are totally confused just two weeks before an important election.
I believe we are at crossroads.
If we make the wrong move the entire nation is doomed.
There are lot of foreign countries (India, China, USA and probably UK and some EU countries are hell bent on an unstale government in this country, so that they can have wheeler dealer activity unhampered). 

I had the grand resolve 7 weeks ago to stand  neutral, be a spectator and watch the events pass by passively.
But current developments (underworld gangs) and general lethargy on the part of the citizenry has made me to be proactive and take a firm stand.

Besides, lot of young people just stop me and pose me the question;

What shall we do?`

My simple answer is;

We need to change.

We need to teach the corrupt blue camp a lesson of this century (failure to reconcile with warring parties and integrate them to the main stream) in power for nearly 20 years with only a two year temporary break.

That does not mean the tacit approval of the green camp.

I do not have real confidence on the guys and girls some of them are very young and have no experience in handling difficult issues, who were sitting on the back benches doing sweet nothing, for so long,

not even a whimper till citizens' bureaus started the action and the ball rolling.
The credit for regime change should go to Ranil.
It was the citizens forum who created the platform for UNP  to wake up from slumber and play a political master stroke.

I give the credit to Ranil for his precise clinical acumen and incision on the correct point of time, nobody including the former president envisaged a regime change.
It was a timely master stroke from which one should not let loose and let the blue camp have a sniff of power again.
They should be relegated to the opposistion for at least two more terms.

They deserve it for treating the masses as fools.

The two words Maithree and Yahaalanaya did the trick.

Then the counter revolution took it tentative  stride.
We must thank MR for not leaving behind an alternative leader.
It energized the resolve to defeat the counter revolution.
So now what we need is a stable government not a rag tag coalition or a national government without a purpose.

We must give  credit to Champika for his contribution and turning the tide awy from the counter revolution.

We must not give just enough seats may be 117 to 120.

Nothing more.

They will go berserk if more power is given.

Voting for JVP in my opinion is a wasted vote.
It is true for the Field Marshall's DNA camp too.

The worst scenario is the hung parliament.
Every vote to JVP and DNA would increase the likelyhood of a hung parliament.
If JVP can beat SLFP to third place it can be taken as a real political force to recond with and it has a political clout.
Can they do it?
I do not think so.

JVP had created enough enemies in both camps for the voter to change their heart.
There is no place for a third force in this country at this point of time.

May be in future, if the current change does not yield desired results.

I belive this is the very reason for the emergence of citizen action groups.

Of course, UNP hijacked their band vagon with the first opportunity and NOW there is no alternative other than helping the UNP to win and remain behind the UNP's back to force desirable actions on their part, the citizen action groups promulgated to carry forward, after elections.

To be active participants.
One drive is to abrogate the current constitution and take prudent steps to initiate and have a new constitution with mass participation.

Otherwise we will have a parliament like in Italy with Silvano Ballastoni running the show.
Volatile, unstable and corrupt.

We must take the British people's resolve to get Cameron into power (when the emerging signs were for a hung parliament) with just enough seats instead of a hung parliament.
If we do not act like the British with prudence and make our resolve to reject the old corrupt regime and give a workable majority to the alternative power base we are going to be economically doomed with vested corrupt foreign powers meddling with the party leaders behind the screen with more and more mega deals and the country in debt for 100 years or more.
Don't take that I am a UNP supporter, not even a sympathizer but I do not see any political move that is feasible at this juncture.
After the new government is elected, then we have to get the citizen action groups to be active for at least the next five years both vocally and by means to get our democratic machinery well oiled and on the correct path, not anarchy.

It seems we are going towards the path of anarchy and tis is the very reason, I am voicing my opinion here.

Democracy is not a blind ally.

It is constantly changing to the current needs of our or the world society.
That is its beauty, the emergence of citizen action group is a healthy manifestation.

We should not let it be hijacked by UNP for good.

UNP is the current jockey who is riding the tide.

JVP and DNA are no where close to riding the horse.

Be vigilant and exercise the free franchise judiciously for the winning horse not for another horse who also ran and completed the course (this applies to party headed by a saffron cloth).

If for any reason a hung parliament is elected there will be wheeler dealers and all the corrupt and the underworld people will take control of the parliament for the next 4 and half years (cannot go for another election according to the 19th amendment and we will be like the parliament in Italy where the maifiosi has a big stake).

This is why I say changing the constitution (38 years of rotten regimes) is our TOP Priority.

Changing the government for a stable government is the right step in that direction.
 We cannot expect that change from the blue camp, except more of the old corrupt (overdose) ways.

It is long way ahead and is an arduous path and task.

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