Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why JVP failed?

JVP lacks common sense if not prudence.
They were short of pragmatic intent.
They were stuck with old and currently non existent socialist state.
Besides they did not estimate their weaknesses but relied on their excellent tele drama type of campaign.
They did not use any type of survey to judge the mood of the voter behaviour.
Also they did not value the emerging trend of IT technology and mobile cell phone and instant communication revolution.
They were trapped in old ways namely indoctrination which is now a stale currency in the modern world.
Also they did not watch guys like me saying voting JVP was a wasted vote.
Judging by the numbers visiting my blog my contribution was nothing and not significant.
But HATE  Wansa used my ideas to further his racist propaganda.
He in fact ate into the JVP base.
It should have been the other way round.
JVP would have attracted the disillusioned SLFP voter base.
But UNP benefited by their negative campaign to be in the opposition.
Nobody wants a party in opposition.
They should have tried to beat the SLFP into third place but they could not.
Just visit Waira Wansa's web site and make an alternative web site to counter its malicious propaganda  for your own use in the future.
It is a good investment than your printed paper.

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