Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why I disagree with the National Government -03

This is a comment I wrote for Gossip Column

1. DOUBLE Ekanda than Enne (Ma r Si)
2. Ne Black Label Ekan (Ma Ra)

1. Godak Danawada than (Ma r Si)
2. Ne Ne Chuttak Dapu Gaman Mata Essara Hitiya Wage Danenawa (Ma Ra)
(Ma r Si= My3)

This is a reproduction from Kumar David.
The government’s economic programme
The RW government will pursue pro-business policies, that is foreseeable, but it cannot adopt blatant neo-liberalism as JR did. There is no room for rank neo-liberalism either internationally or within the domestic balances of power. There will be privatisations, some necessary to improve efficiency some to sweeten the gravy train for businessmen.
The Arjuna Mahendran case and an attempt in the 1990s as Minister responsible for BOI to the bully then Director of Telecoms and push through a price inflated duopoly (SLT was already a licensee) telecoms system with Singapore’s Call-Link company as an investor reveals RW’s stubborn streak.
I don’t dispute that he is financially clean but he has an inclination to stand by friends even when they are wrong.
Checks and balances are always been essential in politics, more so now given RW’s clout in this government. We don’t want an MR again, not even an uncorrupted one; and no thank-you for a 21st Century Lankan Lee Kuan Yew either.

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