Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Underground Operatiives, On the move!

Underground Operatives, on the move!
 For what action?
I have made a strange observation during the last few days (week) the blue clad guys/girls are on the decline in the provincial city but now they wear white and black attire. 
They come is twos threes and fives and cellphones are their operational mode. 
They look similar to newly appointed government servants (on probation) but they are not (my gut feelings) in my belief.

Yes, they do not have the sickly and crafty trade mark of a government servant (Samurdhi Niladhari) appointed over the last 15 years.
They look innocent and fresh.

My belief is that the Nil Balahkaya is in a different attire and format NOW.
I am made to understand lorry load of them assemble in a ex-minsters house and they are briefed to be smart (not like Pathalaya or the underworld).

I am made to understand most of the institutions have given paid leave to these young guys and girls (if they come from from the government sector) from 14th to 19th.
They are not local boys and girls.
I have a feeling they are the ones who would be operational to cheat votes (especially not de novo votes) during the elections.

I hope the election commissioner should investigate their modus operandum.
If you notice any wrong doings, this is the time for a timely capture the scene in a cellphone and become an instant I-Reporter.
It would produce worthy contribution to the work of Election Commissioner.

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