Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Revisiting Political Strategy

 This is another little piece posted by mobile android and edited later by my old PC.

My analysis of the political outcome has come close enough revisiting it before I lose intersect in politics is timely.
There will be many writings by many other authors, what went wrong with the racist camp, later toned down as nationalistic mindset was done by me pre-election and I will not enlarge upon them.
I will leave them to them to the political writers.

I was opposed to their (racist camp) brainwashing of the voter.
I was quite confident of their loss but not at the level observed today.

I gave a healthy 50,000,00 to the losers in total but they got only 47,000.00, a big margin of loss.

To the winners I gave 52,000.00 but they did not achieve that either.

Voter apathy may be a reason but inability to mount a cohesive campaign was the major reason.

They were probably overconfident,too.

I can remember Mrs. Thatcher in her third term was as aggressive as before and John Major could not match her and lost at the end for the labour party to take over by Tony Blair.

All of them were hard working and hard talking lot.
If they worked hard they would have got over the battle line of 113.
I am thankful the voters were mindful not to give resounding victory.
I am thankful also to the astrologer who advised the losing camp.
The two years in advance was a big bonus to the average voter and me.
I could not stand the blue camp for the end of the proper term, especially racist commentators.
Now we should stop bickering and build bridges across the Broken Palmyra.
The 16 seats of the northern province is more useful than they 6 JVP seats of inaction in the opposition.
They should extend the hand of goodwill in the name of Great Mandela to the victor, albeit marginally.
The winner has no option but to embrace the gesture of goodwill with both hands with mindful meditation (that is essential for political mediation which Mendela and DeKlerks had), in spite of the hooligans in the blue camp shouting blue murder.

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