Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Racer Blade and Wisdom

Below are some guidelines and wisdom thoughts for young politicians. 
The modern version is from JVP who taught us how to slit the subjects before the party members before the party leaders, so a variety of weapons of destruction were created.
(Of course, this lead to the LTTE taking a cue and exploiting the South's Weaknesses).

The first of it is the racer blade
Let us go through the history of mankind
1.Why was guillotine invented?
That is to keep subjects under control.
2. Why was racer blade invented?
To keep the descendants of the royal family and prospectors from outside under control.
3. Why queens (current and past) remain in power longer than kings?
They use kitchen knife more effectively than the racer blade, often when the king is dosing after a heavy goose.
4. Why most kings do not shave?
That is the silliest question from a budding politician.
They fear the queen more than the subjects.

They never shave fearing cut throat in the process.

5. Which came first?

Cutthroat or racer blade?
I do not know.

6. When did the moustache come into vogue?
I do not know but probably after the British who did not know how to eat 'Kiri Pani" without soiling the beard.

7. How to remain in power as the head of a political party?
Elementary my dear, use the racer blade for prospective challengers.

8.How to remain in power?
Become the head of the underworld and use mafiosi or white van or T56.
Any combination would do and there should be no restrcition for the number of terms in office.
9.What to do if the grip of power rein is lost.
Ask for asylum and send the next of kins first.
10.Why was racer blade invented
That is to perfect the skills while in opposition.
11. How to become a party leader?
By slitting the current leader by words and later by a sword not a racer.

I think the young politicians got the wherewithal by now.
I retire.
You add the rest to your competencies.
Who destroyed our democracy?
It is the former chief justice with his racer blade and not with his judgements.

Why the statue of Liberty carry a balance instead of a blade?

She dropped it accidentally while climbing the steps of power.

Will she come into power in this country?
Not until the local mafiosi is defeated not by the bullet but by the ballot.

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